Midis du CIÉQ (CIÉQ-Laval) : « Deep Mapping the Migration of French-Canadians to Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula »

Jeudi 25 mars 2021 │12h-13h15 │ Lien Zoom : tID ZOOM: 815 1536 0394 – Mot de passe: 762679, https://ulaval.zoom.us/j/81515360394?pwd=MnZZcW9OaWJ3OERUbTVKZjlmK1RIUT09 tps://zoom.us/j/97841369158


In this informal zoom talk, I will introduce how we have integrated two major research projects together to study the migration of French-Canadians to Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula during the period of 1870-1940. The CIEQ affiliated and SSHRC sponsored Trois siècles de migration francophones en Amérique du Nord and the US National Endowment for the Humanities sponsored Keweenaw Time Traveler projects are together building a robust space-time linked digital archive known as a historical spatial data infrastructure to map and model the migrations and social mobility of French-Canadians as they moved to the Keweenaw to engage in  the region’s copper mining boom. Our deep mapping approach integrates qualitative and quantitative data and materials together to aid in research discoveries and to support local heritage organizations to tell the stories of French-Canadian heritage in the region.

Donald Lafreniere, professeur agrégé de géographie et de SIG, Michigan Tech University