Social and Geographic Mobility: Turncoats and Family Trajectories

France Martineau (Université d’Ottawa) et Sandrine Tailleur (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi)

A Distinguished Professor at the University of Ottawa and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, France Martineau holds a research chair dedicated to the study of languages, borders and ideologies in the greater Ottawa/Gatineau area (Passages et trajectoires : langues, frontières et idéologies dans la grande région d’Ottawa/Gatineau). The scope of her research is broad and interdisciplinary, covering historical linguistics, social history, and digital humanities from the Middle Ages to the present day. Her recent work has focused on the history of the French language in North America and early non-standard French. Having published and edited numerous works on the North American Francophonie, she is also recognized for her efforts in publishing the writings of ordinary people. As the Director of the Laboratoire Polyphonies du français, she has collected a substantial digital corpus of written and oral texts.